Expore Islam ServicesMosque Visits
Apart from the monthly and yearly open events at the  mosque, we can arrange educational and social visits  to the mosque on request. These can vary from a quick  tour of the mosque to organised activities especially  for school children. Please contact us for booking and  further information.

School Visits
We have a group of volunteers who can visit educational  institution to talk about the Islamic faith and Muslim  Culture. The visits can be catered for the needs of the  institutions and students. Please contact us for booking  and further information.

Literature Request
If you would like information about Islam and Muslims we can provide them in different  formats to cater to your needs. We have literature and multimedia on basics of Islam, comparative religion, science & Islam, history and many more topics. Please contact us  for further information.

Quran & Seerah For Library
The aim of the Qur’an and Seerah for Libraries Project is to present to public libraries  Islam’s holy book, the Qur’an, in a clear and readable English translation, as well as a book  of ‘seerah’, or the life of the Prophet Muhammad, as a gesture of goodwill, in the hope of  contributing to peace, understanding and good neighbourliness between communities,  and hoping also to clear up any misunderstandings caused by the lack of reliable and  accessible information about Islam.

The translation of the Qur’an and the book on the life of the Prophet Muhammad have  been donated by the Cambridge Muslim Community, and other Muslims from further  afield, as part of this initiative.

The Qur’an was sent to all mankind and to every time, and is the guide and inspiration  which shapes the lives of over a billion Muslims worldwide. Our hope is that the readers  of this translation will to be able to see for themselves its deep relevance to the issues  and problems of the modern world.

The biography the Prophet Muhammad is a work that reaches back more than 1400 years  to bring us an understanding of a man whose qualities are so remarkable that they still  inspire many millions of people alive today, and whose wisdom is still relevant to the  modern age.

For further information about the Libraries project or to request a Qur’an and Seerah  package for your own library, please contact us.